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Hamiltons Rugby Youth Supported By Stor-Age

Part of our job at Stor-Age is to interact with the community in which our business operates and to this end Stor-Age Gardens made plans to visit the youth rugby teams at Hamiltons RFC, report from Operations Assistant at Stor-Age Sea Point, Faeez Baboo.

On the 23rd we took the time out to do a drop off of water bottles and rugby balls at Hamiltons Rugby Club. The under 7, 9 and 17's were training and we spent some time with them. The coaches of the under 7's and 9’s is Fatima. And the under 17 coach is Shahied.  Our main focus was with the youth. We manage to hand out 20 water bottles and 6 rugby balls.  It was good to see the boys all excited, as the sponsors seldom focus on the youth. We manage to spend some time with the boys on the field and it was really exhausting.  Below are the respective coaches of the teams.
Fatima focuses on the youth and has assistance from the under 17’s coach Shahied.  She has been doing this for quite some time and she has always been fascinated with the sport.  She feels her coaching will help the youth in terms of getting the basics right and ensuring that the sport is fun and competitive at the same time.  The youngsters really look up to her and they are always trying ways to impress her. As we arrived the boys were focusing on drills and they seemed quite organised.
Sahied (the under 17 coach) has been playing the sport since the early age of 7. During his final years of playing he decided to go in to coaching as he felt that what he has been taught over the years will only benefit the youth. He has been coaching for numerous years now and has gained valuable experience attending training clinics.
Overall it was a great feeling of knowing that they appreciated our gesture to them and they have invited us to watch their matches. At the end of the training session they all huddled together to sing club anthems, it was great to be a part of this initiative.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 05 August 2013 | Sponsorship