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With over 15 years of experience in the self storage industry, the safety and security of our customers and staff remains our number one priority. As South Africa’s largest and leading self storage company, it’s something we take seriously and place a lot of emphasis on.

Here’s how we keep your belongings safe and secure.

24-hour CCTV surveillance
Each of our stores feature offsite 24-hour CCTV
surveillance via strategically located cameras

Armed response
Armed response, linked to our security
systems, is in place for each of our stores
across South Africa

Individually alarmed units*
As an added layer of security, our units are
individually alarmed

Access control
Our stores feature computer controlled access
infrastructure with each customer accessing
the property via a dedicated personal tag linked to our system. All new customers are required to provide proof of identity and current residential address

Electrified perimeter fencing*
Our stores are further secured with electrified
perimeter fencing and, in some facilities,
supported by infrared beams on the inside of
the perimeter fence

Fire detection and alarm systems
We ensure that the necessary fire
prevention systems are in place, which
includes fire extinguishers, fire detection*
and alarm system*

You lock your unit and keep the key
Only you have access to your unit. The unit is
locked with your own padlock and you retain
the key

Clean, well-lit stores each with a generator
We ensure that all stores are clean and well-lit,
with a generator that starts automatically
should we experience power interruption

All units are insured
Each of our units are insured against theft as
well as fire and allied perils, where you can
choose from three types of insurance. Find out
more on our insurance page.

COVID-19 safety measures
Each of our stores have the necessary COVID-19
safety protocols in place to ensure the safety of
both our customers and our staff

Cyber security
In order to protect the personal information of
our tenants, we ensure cyber security measures
are maintained at the highest level

Keeping you safe

While we invite you to safely store all things big and small with us, there are some items that you are not allowed to keep in your unit. These include: toxic, pollutants or contaminated goods, firearms, munitions or explosives, radioactive, materials, hazardous goods, living plants or animals, food or perishable goods, cash and securities, illegal goods and waste.

For any additional queries, please visit our FAQ page.

* Selected units/stores

** Terms and conditions apply