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How Stor-Age is building a sustainable future

What makes a company like Stor-Age sustainable? We unpack what sustainability means in the self storage industry and the progress that Stor-Age has made.

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27 February 2024 | Construction|News And Events

Looking for convenient and affordable business storage near Cape Town?

Looking for the best business storage space near Century City? Our new Paarden Eiland store is perfect for you. Read more to learn why.

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05 February 2024 | New Stores

5 money-saving student storage tips

Is money too tight to mention? Save on student self storage with these tips when you store your things. Plus check out our student special.

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21 November 2023 | Student

5 reasons you need student storage

Renting self storage might not be something that you’ve thought of, but there are some good reasons why students need self storage. Here are our top five.

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06 November 2023 | Student

How to store biltong, according to South Africans

Depending on where and how you store biltong, it can stay fresh forever. Find out South Africa’s best-kept secrets to storing biltong in this guide.

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18 September 2023 | Tips And Hints

Who uses self storage in South Africa?

Self storage is a popular solution among households, businesses, and students. Discover who the biggest users of self storage in South Africa are and the reasons behind its surging popularity.

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15 September 2023 | Tips And Hints

Best spots to watch wildflowers bloom on the West Coast

In this blog, we uncover five of the best spots on the West Coast to watch wildflowers bloom.

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21 August 2023 | Travel

Renovating a kitchen in South Africa: Costs, cashing-saving hacks & more

Renovating a kitchen can be financially and emotionally costly. Use these genius hacks and expert tips to create your dream kitchen remodel on a realistic budget.

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14 July 2023 | Tips And Hints

Can You Work Out of a Storage Unit?

Storage units are a great workspace solution. Discover how you can use storage units for your business and the many benefits it offers.

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15 June 2023 | Tips And Hints

Women’s winter fashion 2023: Hottest trends for the coldest months in South Africa

What’s hot this winter? From maxi skirts to low-rise jeans, here are South Africa’s most captivating trends for winter fashion in 2023.

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23 May 2023 | Tips And Hints